Jeff Roberts

Dr. Jeff Roberts is the former Director of Advanced Energy Technologies at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. During his 27-year career at Lawrence Livermore National Lab, he served as Program Leader for Renewable Energy and Applied Energy Technologies, Deputy Division Leader for Science and Technology of the Atmospheric, Earth, and Energy Division, and as a staff scientist with over 50 publications and ten patents.

Dr. Roberts helped found the HPC4Mfg and HPC4EnergyInnovation programs and served as National Laboratory Leadership Council Executive Director from 2017-2019. He continues to advise DOE and national laboratory leaders on ways to use national lab capabilities to accelerate innovation and US economic growth in manufacturing.

His current interests include energy generation and energy systems, responding to climate change, materials for energy, and helping industry solve their technical needs by leveraging federal programs and national laboratory capabilities.

Dr. Roberts leverages his experience and interests to provide technical consulting for startups in energy, materials, and advanced manufacturing. His current work also includes strategic planning and assessment for established companies, national laboratories, and universities. He serves on the Board of Directors for the Center for Sustainable Energy based in San Diego, California, and on the technical advisory board for Native Renewables.

Dr. Roberts began his career serving in the USAF in the Joint Electronic Warfare Center where he specialized in computational methods and electronics as applied to ELINT. He received his B.S. degree from UT San Antonio in Applied Science and his Ph.D. in Geoscience from Arizona State University where he studied mineral physics. His scientific research has focused on solid-state physical chemistry, transport properties of minerals and porous media, geophysics, characterization of materials using experimental techniques and x-ray micro-tomographic imaging, transparent ceramics and scintillators.

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