HVVC: Our Vision for Value

The energy transition away from reliance on coal, oil and gas is reshaping industries at an unprecedented pace, resulting in new opportunities to invest in and build industry leaders who can deliver and scale climate technology innovation. 

Innovative entrepreneurship and building a “success movement” with networks of like-minded entrepreneurs are the only solutions to the climate problem. The goal is the creation of a circular economy where today’s products become inputs for the next generation of tomorrow’s products. DNA directed economy where products are principally based on biology, or hybrids of chemistry and biology.

To this end, we’ve developed High Velocity Venture Capital (HVVC)—a truly differentiated approach to VC, which recognizes the need to speed and scale technologies to impact targets for carbon reduction by 2030, not 2050.

Seeing the Future Through the HVVC Lens

HVVC is our roadmap for how to identify and create “n of 1” opportunities and rapidly scale and bring new, climate-focused innovative technologies to market that are better, faster and cheaper than technologies based on fossil fuel feedstocks.

There is no Moore’s law for climate restoration. We are about “scale and speed” not “speed and scale.” Our focus is on nature-based solutions and modular scaling for biomanufacturing.

The fundamental objectives and strategies that define HVVC stem from our multidisciplinary approach, the valuation track record of our portfolio, and the proven approaches and wisdom gained by a legacy of disciplined climate investing.

“Efficient scaling is synonymous with HVVC and achieving a valuation of $1B+ in <10 years.”

Fundamentals of HVVC

  1. 10X Upside A systematic approach to incorporate sustainability metrics into investment & portfolio, targeting the biggest bang for the buck.
  2. Power of Networks Deep relationships and access to preeminent research institutions & leading investors in corporate, venture and private equity platforms.
  3. Multidisciplinary Approach Identify and work with entrepreneurs with vision, viable business models & innovations built around solving real climate problems.
  4. “N of 1” Opportunities We identify viable business models, technology innovation, and leadership to drive success by prioritizing end-market & customer focus.
  5. Billion dollar+ business <10 years We build & back teams with the highest potential to become energy transition leaders in less than a decade.
  6. Mission-Driven Leadership Our Business Model Canvas tool allows us to rapidly search and identify viable value propositions for current addressable markets.