We draw from an extensive network of dynamic entrepreneurs, researchers, and industry leaders and implement 3 key strategies.


Invest at the Nexus: Multidisciplinary problems call for multidisciplinary solutions: where fields converge is where innovation lies.


Evidence Based Investment: Rely on quantifiable metrics to drive investment decision making, especially as it relates to the customer discovery process.


Early Corporate Engagement: Startups need to talk with industry leaders early in their growth to validate their business model and form the seeds of future development agreements.




While many factors go into the investment decision making process, we think 3 loom largest.


Team: We seek diverse teams with complementary skill sets, ideally those with prior entrepreneurial experiences.


Market: While the resources space by definition represents multi-$B Total Available Markets, companies must demonstrate a keen understanding of what segments they can potentially address (Served Addressable Markets) and which ones are the beachheads (Target Markets).


Technology: The innovations underlying the companies we invest in must be defensible through a sound intellectual property strategy, combining patents and trade secrets.


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