Jackson Zhang


Jackson focuses primarily on healthcare, clean energy and other resource limited and climate sensitive investments.

Jackson joined BFV right after obtaining his PhD from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. His research was in the intersection of mechanical, electrical engineering, and material science. Jackson is also an Igniter from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

While at Rensselaer, Jackson interned at GGV Capital, a multi-billion US dollar cross-border fund, under Jenny Lee,  the highest ranking woman on the Midas List. Jackson also interned at JFP Holdings, a merchant bank that provides China market entry services. He reported directly to Jack Perkowski, aka "Mr. China", who was featured in the book The World is Flat. Jackson is liaison of the RPI China Alumni Chapter. 

Jackson did his undergraduate at Tongji University in Automotive Engineering. He was president of the Society of Automotive Engineers Tongji Club, and lead various projects. One of them was the Extreme Gravity Racing, in which Jackson persuaded the organizer to let their team compete as the first Chinese team. He then led the team to raise money, design, and build a racer and won the second prize in that year's race - beating Aston Martin and Bentley. Jackson was not afraid of breaking things - he got a few broken bones and a concussion in a test-drive accident but only came out more determined. He was awarded the China Science and Technology Innovation Award (Top 100 in China) and was one of the Beijing Olympics Torch Relay Escorts as a representative of Shanghai students. 

Jackson enjoys piano, baritone, basketball, and modifying sports cars.